10 Free Patterns for Crocheted Toys

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These week’s Crochet Pattern Roundup includes 10 free patterns for crocheted toys. Find amigurumi bears, monkeys, puppies and dolls. You will even find a gruffy goat and some adorable little Kawaii! Whichever is your favorite, find the title of the pattern listed beneath the image and click on the title to be taken directly to the free crochet pattern. Have fun crocheting toys!

10 Free Patterns for Crocheted Toys

All patterns were free at the time they were added to the post.

If you visit a link and it has become a “for sale” pattern, please let me know so I can update it! Thank you!

Ten Free Patterns for Crocheted Toys. Amigurumi Roundup. Oombawka Design Crochet


10 Free Amigurumi Toy Patterns

1 Fold Up Teddy Beach Time Play Set by Joanita Theron

2 Blue Bell by Jessie Rayot

3 Dinosaur Softie by Erica Dietz

4 Butterfly Amigurumi by Spin a Yarn Crochet

5 Olivia Bear by Amy Ramnarine

6 Plush Puppy by Sarah Zimmerman

7 Gruffy Goat by Sharon Ojala

8 Baby Monkey by Rhondda Mol

9 Boco Bear Amigurumi by Joanne Loh

10 Amigurumis Little Kawaii by Tarturumies

10 Free Patterns for Crocheted Toys. Amigurumi Roundup. Oombawka Design Crochet PIN

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  1. These toys are so cute. I think it’s time for me to take on the stuffy challenge. 😣 My grand daughter may love that bear in the tutu!!!