10 Free Back To School Crochet Patterns

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Get ready for the new school year with our Free Pattern Roundup featuring 10 free back-to-school crochet patterns. This curated collection offers a variety of fun and practical projects, including pencil cases, pencil toppers, apple cozies, lunch bags, and backpacks. These handmade items will not only help organize school supplies but also add a personal touch to your child’s school experience. Start crocheting today and make the transition back to school a little easier and a lot more special for your little ones.

🧶 Get ready for back to school with these 10 free crochet patterns! From pencil cases to backpacks, find everything you need to make the new school year special. 🎒✏️ #CrochetPatterns #BackToSchool #DIY

10 Free Back to School Crochet Patterns

Back To School Apple Coasters - Free Pattern Friday

Back to School Treat Pouch

Crochet these cute little apple pouches quickly! Make two apple coasters and then put them together for a perfect little pouch for your child’s backpack. Pop in some little treats to brighten their day! Designed by Maria Bittner.

Pencil Case for School

Easy Pencil Bag for School

Crochet this simple pencil case to hold pencils or markers for your child for school. The case is crocheted in single crochet stitches, folded and then seamed up the sides. A simple flap closure is used with 2 buttons. Designed by Erica Dietz.

Elementary School Crochet Cardigan

Elementary School Crochet Cardigan

Be in fashion this fall with a longer length elementary school cardigan, perfect for going back to school! This super soft and easy to crochet project will be a hit with the kids at school this year! Designed by Salena Baca for Red Heart Yarn.

Apple Cozy for School Day Lunches

Crochet Apple Cozy

Crochet this bright and fun apple cozy to protect your child’s apple from bumps and bruises! This will make their healthy snack super fun to bring to school and eat! Designed by Amy Ramnarine.

Candy Floss Bubble Pencil Case for School

Candyfloss Bubble Pencil Case

Crochet this pretty textured pencil case for your child to use to hold their art supplies, pencils and markers for school. Designed by Joanita Theron.

Little Backpack by Nicole Riley

Bright Little School Backpack

Crochet this easy and sturdy little school backpack to carry the essentials to school each day. Perfect for the little ones this back pack will also work great for carrying their favorite toys, or nut-free snacks to play dates with their friends. Designed by Nicole Riley.

Crochet Apple Pouch Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

Crochet Apple Pouch

Make this great apple pouch to carry your kids school supplies! Fill it with their pencils, erasers, pens and safety scissors. Designed by Sarah Zimmerman.

Monkey Lunch Bag Pattern

Monkey Lunch Bag

Imagine their delight when they pull their Monkey Lunch Bag out of their backpacks at break time! Cute and cuddly this adorable monkey bag is perfect for lunch snacks at school and for carrying their favorite toys around with them when they are on the go! Designed by Melody Rogers.

Keep it Handy Locker Organizer Pattern

Keep It Handy Locker Organizer

A great edition to anyone’s locker! Make this Keep it Handy Locker Organizer and keep them organized all day long at school! Designed by Heidi Yates.

Superhero Pencil Toppers

Superhero Pencil Toppers

Overcome any obstacle with your Superhero Pencil Toppers! Homework will be a cinch when they get to work on it with the help of their Superhero School Supplies! Designed by Jennifer Dickerson. Watch the video tutorial here.

10 Free Crochet Patterns for Back To School. Oombawka Design Crochet Roundup of Free Patterns

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Make the new school year special with 10 free crochet patterns! 🎒🧶 From pencil toppers to lunch bags, find fun projects to crochet. #CrochetAddict #BackToSchool #DIY


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